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2019 Holden Trailblazer Tuned

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2019 Holden Trailblazer Tuned

The Holden Trailblazer has been a popular 4×4 in New Zealand. This car has been praised for its ability to carry its occupants with comfort.

It is also quite a comfortable ride, finding its spare parts is relatively easy as well. The Trailblazer gained a following due to these attributes, combined with a decent list of features and comforts.

The Trailblazer isn’t without its drawbacks, however. While it may be practical, it does lack the ‘oomph’ that is required in its category of vehicles. Owners of the Trailblazer are known to want more performance, specifically in acceleration and response. However, this is nothing that cannot be sorted out here at Alt Tune.

Today, one of our dealers had a  Holden Trailblazer from the year 2019. The Trailblazer was powered by a 2.8L engine that sent power to the wheels via an Automatic transmission. It runs on diesel. The owners of the Trailblazer wanted the car to have more power and torque and felt that it was underpowered. To sort this out, we felt it was best to use our Alientech KESS to retune/reflash its ECU.

The vehicle received a Towing Tune and the objective was to cater to the customer’s needs of giving the vehicle an improved throttle response, power and torque. The result was a successful tune / reflash of the Trailblazer. The car was tested by our dealer and the vehicle owner was very satisfied with the outcome. Other than the increase in performance, the customer was also elated to notice an improvement in the car’s fuel economy which can sometimes be a favourable by product.

If you have a Holden in New Zealand and are also not satisfied with its performance, fret not. Alt Tune will set it right in no time and at a reasonable price. If you need some quality work done, just get in touch with us today. Expect nothing but quality from us at Alt Tune.



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