The mighty Toyota Hilux has been a powerhouse in the utility vehicle sector since, well, the beginning of the utility sector. Now in it’s 8th generation, it’s here to be its toughest and also most comfortable and refined version of itself.

The Hilux has gone through a full range of changes. Externally a complete redesign. The interior has been brought right up to date with the latest in infotainment and ergonomics.

And to follow the redesign, of course, a new engine has been introduced. The new 2.8l is already a capable unit, producing more power than the 3.0l it replaces. But of course, since when has capable ever been enough?

Today one of our dealers in Australia had a customer bring in their 2016 Hilux wanting more power when towing and to use in off-roading situations. So to help sort this out we used our PCM Flash to retune / reflash the ECU with a Towing Tune.

Once completed the car was tested by our dealer and the customer was very satisfied with the outcome. Other than the increase in performance, the customer was also elated to notice an improvement in the car’s fuel economy which can sometimes be a favorable by-product.

If you are in Australia and have a Toyota Hilux you’d like to unlock it’s full potential, in a quick timeframe and at a reasonable cost, Alt Tune is here for you. Our expert tuners take pride in your satisfaction. You won’t get the results you get with Alt Tune anywhere else. Be sure to get in touch to book a spot today!



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