We tuned a customer’s Ford Focus 1.0 Eco Boost for more power and torque, stock it was 125 HP and after it rose to 165 HP.

Heres what the customer had to say

Happily drove my “new” Fiesta S to Wellington last Sunday & after nearly a week I am happy to tell you I am amazed at the torque response….best feeling with the double clutch “auto” is around 2500 revs…a squeeze to half throttle & she rockets away with a huge push in your back … very impressive as this also coincides with most overtaking speeds. Going to hard full throttle tends to over rev & you lose some of the torque response… Your man with the computer needs to be congratulated as his “Map” is considerably smarter than the factory settings…I have Gained better low down driveability, much less jerky turbo/torque delivery & the full throttle gear changes are much better controlled in that the car picks up the next gear without the way it used to surge at full throttle. This man should be writing the factory programmes !!! Fuel economy is exactly the same at 6.5 L/100 kms despite the fact I am having fun at every opportunity. So, again , thank you – very impressed…thank you.


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