The Ford Ranger PX2 3.2 TDCI from factory has a smaller turbocharger than the PX1. Its common for people to install the PX1 turbo that has been modified or made into a hybrid. The engine is controlled by a Siemens SID209 and is programmed via the OBD port.

Our customer decided to upgrade to a TDX G880862 Garret turbo. This is a replacement from GCG Turbos. They complimented the turbo upgrade with an intercooler, intake and full exhaust system.

Because of the turbo upgrade power and torque where increased over a standard PX2 with a stage 2 tune by almost 20%. This was a result of a dyno tune from Alt Tune.

This proves the TDX G880862 Garret is a worth wile upgrade due to its increased flow and performance output.

This turbo upgrade is available to all customers in Australia and New Zealand.