The 2012 Ford Territory 2.7L diesel starts life as a 140 KW at the crank and produces 440 NM of torque. They are controlled by a Siemens SID204 ECU. Here at Alt Tune, we are able to increase the output of this engine to 193 KW and the torque to 555 NM. Power and torque are increased right through the rev range and the power increase. The power output remains very usable and smoother than the factory power delivery.

Emissions systems.

Emissions controls on this vehicle consist of a catalyst in the exhaust and an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation valve). EGR valves cause many issues over time. The owner has opted for us to command the EGR valve closed in his ECU file to prevent carboning up on the intake manifold and valves. A positive side effect of closing the EGR is cooler running temperature.

But what about fuel usage on the Ford Territory?

We also expect to see fuel savings from this vehicle around town and on the open road.


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