The John Deere 7260R is a row crop tractor rated at 260 horsepower from its 9.0L 6-cyl diesel engine. Power is delivered via a IVT transmission.

Its engine is controlled by a Phoenix L21 ECU / ECM with a electronic high-pressure common rail and runs DPF and EGR emissions control as its a Tier 4 emission standards machine.

Here at Alt Tune we can read out the ECU / ECM’s factory calibration and modify it. Our team have the ability to increase power and torque allowing the driver to use lower gears for the same work and save fuel. Some customers require the EGR system to be closed or removed to prevent issues further down the track. The same thing applicable to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) system, these filters self regenerate by super heating the filter and burning off particle matter, this can cause fires in the fields they are working in.


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