The John Deere S670 is a combine harvester power by John Deere’s 6 cylinder engine. Its displacement is 9.0 litres and outputs 320 HP. This machine is popular in Australia, New Zealand, USA, South America and South Africa.

Controlling the John Deere S670 engine is a Phoenix L14 ECU. Therefore this ECU / ECM can be programmed via the diagnostic port with an Alientech KESS V2 or Dimsport Genius.

Once the machines ECU is read out, Alt Tune have the ability to re calibrate its maps. Common results from re tuning the S670’s ECU is an increase of 15% power and torque. This brings the power output up to 368 HP. This allows the machine to perform its job with ease when it heavy crops or tough terrain. Often up to 8% fuel savings are seen, for instance.

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