The Mazda BT50 shares the engine and many other parts with the Ford Ranger PX1. The 3.2 TDCI engine is controlled by a Siemens SID208 ECU.

Designed by a Mazda team based at Ford Australia’s design center in Melbourne, both Ford and Mazda worked independently. Of the exterior panels, only the windscreen, roof, and rear screen are common between the Ranger and BT-50, although the underpinnings are largely the same. Mazda BT-50 is produced in Thailand and South Africa.

Here at Alt Tune we have the ability to read the Mazda BT50 engine’s ECU via its OBDII plug installed from the factory. We then proceed to modify the ECU’s factory program. Many things are changed including, injection parameters, torque limiters, boost limiters and boost levels along with other core functions to increase power, torque and decrease fuel consumption.

We usually add around + 20 – 20%% power and torque without any physical modifications to the vehicle. With a full exhaust and intercooler we can add 30-35% power and torque.


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