We tuned a customer’s Ford Focus 1.0 Eco Boost for more power and torque, stock it was 125 HP and after it rose to 165 HP.
Heres what the customer had to say
I purchased a 125hp Fiesta Sport from Ford roughly 8 months ago and was very impressed with the factory power from the 1L 3Cyl Turbo. After researching thoroughly through U.K. forums I discovered that ECU Re-Maps were available for these particular engines. However to my dismay, the Thai built vehicles ( which mine is ) was “un-tuneable”. ALTTUNE cracked the problem and have provided me with a super reliable and insanely quick Fiesta! My fuel has not worsened, in fact when driving the car sensibly it has in fact increased my fuel economy.
The car is incredible and I still can’t believe the torque from such a tiny motor.
You have truly changed my vehicle and I am in the process of collecting the supporting mods to go to the Stage 2 tune.
Thanks again best value performance increase possible!
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