Recently we were approached by the owner of a 2021 Land Cruiser 79 with the 1VD-FTV. He already had an aftermarket plug’n’play control unit installed, and wanted a new full exhaust fitted and questioned whether the aftermarket control unit was able to be adjusted to suit the exhaust and potentially gain some extra power. After some research, we were unable to access the software to make the adjustments. So with this find, it was decided to remove the plug’n’play system and to re-flash the ECU with our custom tune to suit the vehicle.

This gave us a great opportunity to complete a direct comparison with the factory performance, to a piggyback system, then to our tuning work.

The first step was to sort the exhaust, then once completed the Land Cruiser was loaded onto the dyno to begin our tests. We completed the tests in the in factory tune, with plug’n’play then finally with our own tune. We used the OBD2 connector to the dyno to monitor the boost reading the ECU was seeing.

Now comparing the results was interesting. The plug’n’play ECU produced an increase in power over the factory but only followed the same pattern as the factory. The interesting part was the boost reading at the ECU, as the plug’n’play system manipulated and flatlines the boost reading to keep it within factory limitations. But this ends in an inconsistent boost control, and the power delivery shows this. Then when looking at the flashed tune the boost is smooth and consistent and power delivery has not only increased but also had a large increase in torque in the lower rev range, thus greatly improving the drivability.

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