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New Holland T8 435 Tuned For 45HP Increase

New Holland T8 435 Tuned For 45HP Increase

The New Holland T8 435 is power by FPT's 8.7L 6-cylinder 24-valve turbo charged engine. The engine is controlled by a Bosch EDC7UC31 ECU / ECM. It has a Adblue / DEF aftertreatment systems for emissions control. Alt Tune dealers are able to read out the ECU / ECM so...

Case 350 Steiger Tuned in USA

Case 350 Steiger Tuned in USA

The Case 350 Steiger is power by a 8.7L 6-cyl diesel and controlled by a Bosch EDC7UC31 ECU / ECM.  The 350 Steiger is a popular machine to tune, another 50 horsepower makes a huge difference on these machines, faster ground speeds and easier working are experienced...

John Deere 6150R DPF and EGR Solution

The John Deree 6150 is power by a 6.8L with a output of 125kW / 167HP and controlled by a PHOENIX L21 ECM / ECM. Our team at Alt Tune have the ability to tune the 6150R for more power and torque. Also it is possible to disable the DPF and EGR systems for regions where...

Caterpillar Challenger MT765C Tuned

Caterpillar Challenger MT765C Tuned

The MT765C is a Agricultural Crawler tractor and runs the Caterpillar 8.8L 6-cyl engine. The output of this engine in factory spec is 320 HP gross at the flywheel.  Its transmission is a full power shift. Here at Alt Tune we have the ability to increase the power and...

John Deere 8330 VGT Solution

Recently we solved the VGT functions from a John Deere 8330.  The customer decided to revert to another turbo due to the VGT controller having internal faults and over $3000 USD for just the new part. We can fix the VGT on most John Deere tractors.  ...

John Deere 6430 EGR Solution

John Deere 6430 EGR Solution

John Deere's 6430 is a 4-cylinder 8-valve 4.5L running Tier 3 emissions controls which includes an EGR valve. The 6430's EGR valves can become blocked with carbon build up. The EGR system is also water cooled and this system can leak, repairs can be costly. Benefits...

John Deere 9510R 13.5L Tuned

The John Deere 9510R is powered by a 13.5L PowerTech PSX engine producing 510 HP. Alt Tune have the ability to read out the John Deere's engine control unit which is made by Phoenix. Reading of the ECU is non invasive and is all performed via the diagnostic port. What...

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