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Tractor Tuning and tuning of other farm machinery is one of our core skills. If you have an entry level tractor, grain harvester, cain harvester, sprayer, static pump engine general purpose tractor we can increase productivity, improve the economy and increase ground speed. Our team of specialist dealers come to you, find out what you require. They then read your ECU data with specialist tools. We then modify your ECU data to achieve what you require. Our dealers then load the software back in, log the machine running and do a field test to ensure you are happy.

Reliable and economical agricultural machines are an important part of every farmer’s work. No matter if you have a tractor, a combine harvester or a forestry machine – we develop technologies for a more efficient use. By using our economy and fuel saving tunes you can achieve lower fuel consumption for your agricultural machine, you reduce running costs and at the same time receive a better performance.

Tractor tuning can achieve torque increase by up to 30%, an increase of horsepower by up to 20% and a reduction of fuel consumption by up to 5–15%. Due to our ECU software, a reduction in fuel consumption is achieved very often while the driving style stays the same. How does that work? By shifting the torque. This enables the driver to drive at a lower engine speed and reduces fuel consumption. After our tune, your tractor has the same power at a lower torque as compared to before with a higher torque

Tractor Tuning Improvements

Unlock Power

Often your machine is capable of making more power safely but the factory detunes it and makes you buy the next model up to get the power you need.

Increase Ground Speed

By tuning your tractor we can increase ground speed and productivity. Increased productivity saves you time.

Disable Problematic Functions

Sick of large bills to replace your EGR valve or adblue system? Get in touch, we can help.

Fuel savings

Our tunes often save you fuel due to lower engine loads needed to do the same job. How would you like a smaller fuel bill?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tuning possible for my tractor?

Use our vehicle search function to check if we cover you tractor

Does tractor tuning shorten my engines life?
This depends on the degree of the tuning modifications. If no limit values are exceeded during the software tuning and you have a “normal” style of driving, no increased wear is to be expected. If the requested modifications deviate from normal standards and/or your driving style does not comply to “normal” standards, the same signs of wear as the engine would be exposed to without chiptuning are to be expected.

Specialist tools to get the job done

We invest heavily in the latest software to develop and test our tunes in house. We have rolling road and PTO dynos around the world at our disposal. We are not scared to innovate and reverse engineer to achieve the goals at hand.

ECU Tuning

Reliable and economical agricultural machines are an important part of every farmer’s work. No matter if you have a tractor, a combine harvester or a forestry machine – Alt Tune develops technologies for a more efficient use of raw materials and energy. This does not only help you save costs but it also protects nature. By using our ECO technologies you can achieve lower fuel consumption for your agricultural machine, you save costs for raw materials and at the same time receive a better performance.

EGR Closure and Disable

We have the ability to close your EGR valve or even un pug it on some models. The EGR is a recirculation system for exhaust gasses. They often fail due to mechanical issue or blocking with soot. By removing your EGR you can prevent this.

AdBlue / DEF Disable

We have the ability to stop AdBlue / DEF injection or unplug the entire system. Like the EGR system they are prone to many issues including circuit errors and blocked injection systems.

John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker / Stripper DPF and EGR solution

Alt Tune have the tools and expertise to solve DPF and EGR problems in the John Deere 7760 model. The 7760 in the USA market have emissions controls such as DPF and EGR. The engine is controlled by a Phoenix  L21 ECM/ ECU and can be programmed by its diagnostic port....

John Deere 7760 Cotton Stripper ECU Tune and Emissions Solutions

John Deere's 7760 cotton picker is powered by a 560hp, 13.5-litre John Deere Power Tech Plus engine. Also they are turbocharged and air-to-air inter cooled. The engine is controlled by a Phoenix L21 ECU / ECM if equipped with DPF and EGR. Most noteworthy If only EGR...

John Deere 6150R DPF and EGR Solution

The John Deree 6150 is power by a 6.8L with a output of 125kW / 167HP and controlled by a PHOENIX L21 ECM / ECM. Our team at Alt Tune have the ability to tune the 6150R for more power and torque. Also it is possible to disable the DPF and EGR systems for regions where...

Caterpillar Challenger MT765C Tuned

The MT765C is a Agricultural Crawler tractor and runs the Caterpillar 8.8L 6-cyl engine. The output of this engine in factory spec is 320 HP gross at the flywheel.  Its transmission is a full power shift. Here at Alt Tune we have the ability to increase the power and...

John Deere 8330 VGT Delete

Recently we removed the VGT functions from a John Deere 8330.  The customer decided to revert to another turbo due to the VGT controller having internal faults and over $3000 USD for just the new part. We can delete the VGT on most John Deere tractors.  ...

John Deere 6150M DPF solution, EGR fix and performance tune

In USA the John Deere 6150M is powered by a PowerTech PVX 6.8 L engine and utilizes a VGT turbocharger. Emissions control systems on the tractor include EGR (exhaust gas re circulation) and a DPF (diesel particulate filter). Our team at Alt Tune have the ability to...

John Deere 7260R Tune, EGR Solution and DPF Solution

The John Deere 7260R is a row crop tractor rated at 260 horsepower from its 9.0L 6-cyl diesel engine. Power is delivered via a IVT transmission. Its engine is controlled by a Phoenix L21 ECU / ECM with a electronic high-pressure common rail and runs DPF and EGR...

John Deere 6430 EGR Solution / Off

John Deere's 6430 is a 4-cylinder 8-valve 4.5L running Tier 3 emissions controls which includes an EGR valve. The 6430's EGR valves can become blocked with carbon build up. The EGR system is also water cooled and this system can leak, repairs can be costly. Benefits...

John Deere 9510R 13.5L Tuned

The John Deere 9510R is powered by a 13.5L PowerTech PSX engine producing 510 HP. Alt Tune have the ability to read out the John Deere's engine control unit which is made by Phoenix. Reading of the ECU is non invasive and is all performed via the diagnostic port. What...

Tigercat 855D Feller Buncher Adblue / SCR / DEF removal

The Tigercat 855D is a high performance, fuel efficient Tigercat FTP powered feller buncher. The machine is powered by a Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f engine which is rated at 210 kW (282 hp) @ 2,200 rpm. The engine has an emissions system named Adblue (also known and DEF...

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