The Ford Ranger is a versatile vehicle, from tradesmen to farmers. But nowadays utes, such as the Ford Ranger Px1, are being built to a finish and comfort level similar to that of most cars on the road.

This has quickly led to the ute no longer being just the humble workhorse, but the first choice for people and families for day-to-day use, and weekend getaways.

The Ford Ranger Px1 has been a popular choice due to the level of comfort and infotainment options. A large range of accessories also being available to personalise the Ford to suit a large range of activities, and large deck space to load everything required for a family weekend away.

Despite having a very capable factory tow rating the Ford Ranger Px1 can often be underwhelming, especially when a hill is encountered. A customer in Cambridge, New Zealand who would often load up the family and head away for the weekend, found with the current power level the Ranger Px1 would struggle when on hills. But with Alt Tune the solution is not far away.

After dropping the vehicle off at our dealer in Cambridge, an Alientech KESS3 was used to flash a to the ECU. After completion, the diesel engine was tested and picked up a +22% gain in both power and torque. Most notable is the improved torque through the lower RPM range where the engine is most often operating.

After completing a road test to confirm perfect operation the Ford was returned to a very happy customer.

If you have a Ford Ranger 3.2 and are also not satisfied with its performance, fret not, Alt Tune will set it right in no time and at a reasonable price. If you need some quality work done, just get in touch with us today. Expect nothing but the best from us at Alt Tune.


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