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Specialists and suppliers of high quality ECU tuning software and hardware.
We tune Cars, 4WDs, Tractors, Trucks, Marine Engines and Motorbikes.

Specialist ECU Tuning From AltTune

We provide ECU tuning / chipping / remapping services for high performance vehicles as well as every day road vehicles, trucks, tractors and other engines.
We allow your engine to achieve optimal efficiency, performance and drivability.

Engine Tuning for
Performance & Economy

From the factory, almost all engines are detuned or have the power and torque output limited. This is predominantly done for emissions standards and to suit different markets around the world. At AltTune, we optimise your engines combustion process. We have the ability to increase power, torque and response as well as get rid of flat spots and save you fuel.

AltTune provide custom solutions to meet your needs; whatever make or model you have, our specialist team of software engineers will extract the most from your engine and make it as efficient as possible.

Some of the specialist services we offer

ECU Remapping /

Speed Limiter

DTC Fault
Code Removal

DPF Removal

AdBlue / DEF

EGR Removal

What we tune

Car Tuning

From small road cars to supercars, we tune them all.

4WD Tuning

Have a 4WD or Ute? Find out what we can do for you.

Motorbike Tuning

Require an ECU tune for your motorbike? We can assist.

Truck Tuning

From small road trucks to road trains, we can save you time and money.

Tractor Tuning

Small tractors, general purpose tractors, harvesters, sprayers and pickers, we tune them all.

Marine Tuning

Find out more about our marine tuning. We tune inboard and outboards.

Find out what we can
do for your vehicle

Search our interactive database for your vehicle; We cover Car, 4×4, Bike, Truck, Tractor and Marine engines.

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