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We provide ECU tuning / chipping / remapping services for high performance vehicles as well as every day road vehicles, 4x4strucks, tractors and other engines.

Latest Tuning Jobs

2019 Case AFX 8240 Tuned!

2019 Case AFX 8240 Tuned!

The Mighty 2019 Case AFX 8240 Tuned! Being a combine harvester the Case AFX 8240 is designed for heavy-duty farm operations. When it comes to heavy machinery like this one, time is one of the essential factors. This is a machine that is known and preferred for not...

2020 Sea – Doo RXP300 faster on the water

2020 Sea – Doo RXP300 faster on the water

The Sea-Doo RXP 300 is a personal watercraft (PWC) manufactured by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). It is part of the Sea-Doo Performance lineup and is designed for riders seeking high-performance and thrilling water experiences. But when loaded to capacity the...

Our Process

Read the ECU file of your customers ECU via OBD or boot mode. We support all genuine read tools no matter the brand

Upload your customers ECU read with a run down of what needs to be done, tune type, DPF off, EGR off, Adblue / SCR off, speed limiter off, DTC off.

Write the tuned file to your customers ECU knowing the job as been done right, first time.

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